Monday 19 December 2016

Colour Trend of 2017: Greenery

December is a month of two key events; one obviously being Christmas, the other being the long awaited unveiling of The Colour of The Year, from Pantone. For 2017, Pantone has revealed a zesty and tangy shade of yellow-green called Greenery. Greenery has been designed to bring nature to life and let it be celebrated in the home; perfect in time for spring! It also represents the powerful and dedicated following that more organic materials and natural production have received over the past year.
Pantone also revealed 10 colours designed to complement and celebrate Greenery, which include a mix of earthy tones such as Bone Brown and Sheepskin, and bright shades which inject a pop of colour, such as Sulphur and Pink Yarrow.
Greenery can be a daunting colour to introduce into your scheme after a winter of deep and calm hues, but we’ve sourced a few interiors that are sure to inspire:

Give a new lease of life to a piece of overlooked furniture by painting it in refreshing Greenery. Not only will it immediately update your room scheme, but you’ll love your furniture as if it’s brand new.

Bring green in through textiles, whether that be in the form of a new lush sofa, elegant curtains or luxurious carpeting; this way you can add an extra dimension of texture at the same time as injecting a hint of colour.

Paint! Or if you’re feeling bold, paint your walls in a zesty green, we like Little Greene’s Pale Lime. This looks most effective when styled with traditional furniture, particularly in contrasting colours, like monochromatic black, rich woods, or simple whites. If you’re scheme is more modern, create an engaging pattern on the walls, in the form of a grid or geometric pattern.

Get the look
Farrow and Ball, Little Greene and Myland's all have a wide selection of green paints, but none come as close to matching the hue of Greenery like Porter's; an Australian favourite now finally available in the UK. Our favourite tones are the Absinthe, Blade and Granny Smith.
For fabric, look to Christopher Farr's Armatures Feuilles, designed by Raoul Dufy:
For a more affordable alternative, Sanderson Home's collection offers patterns that are fun and modern, with bright colours that would work in almost every interior. For Greenery colouring, look to Angel Ferns and Amy.
What do you think of Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2017, Greenery? How would you introduce it into your interior? You can find many more inspirational ways of implementing Greenery into your home on our Pinterest board!